Pink Green Tourmaline with Clevelandite
Pink Green Tourmaline with Clevelandite

Pink Green Tourmaline with Clevelandite

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Pink tourmaline is the candy floss of the tourmaline (its energy is light and fluffy) however that description must not allow you to underestimate its potency. Where green tourm will serve to work on the physical level of the heart, then pink will work on the emotional level of the aura. 

It can be thought of as a gem that helps with holism, or wholeness, as it helping to heal energetic emotional scar tissue and sealing gaps within the auric field area are two of its specialities.

Green tourmaline connects most deeply to the heart chakra at its physical level. Like all of the tourmalines, it assists the wearer in working through layers (note the striated form of most tourmaline) which essentially represents the layers that the seekers works through on the journey of life. 

Green tourmaline, like many crystals of the green vibration, will serve in making space within the heart centre by helping to let go of emotional baggage from the past. It also engenders a deeper connection with the natural world around us bringing in that vibration which is especially valuable for those that exist within the concrete of urban spaces. 

Clevelandite is renowned for its ability to heal the emotional body, and is said to be especially handy for those recovering from betrayal or trauma.

It is also known for its ability to help your intentions for change a reality on the physical plane. This delightful stone can help guide you in your goals and support your undertakings your undertakings, and above all it assists you to better understand yourself in the pursuit of your goals.  

This is a PINK GREEN TOURMALINE With Clevelandite 


 WEIGHT : 41.6 Carats

 SIZE : 31 MM X 27 MM X 17 MM