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PK Moldavite

PK Moldavite

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Moldavite is known as the Starborn Stone of Transformation.  It is said to have been formed when a giant meteor crashed into Earth in the Moldau valley in the Czech Republic. 

Moldavite has a special energy that for some people is a little like marmite - love it or leave it far behind !! It does have a starry feel to it and that's the pull or the push away as the case may be. It can take some getting used to. That being said, it is a true stone of transformation for those who are able to work with it. If you can manage, put a piece under your pillow at night and closely monitor your dreams afterwards. 

this beauty comes for the collection of the late Peter Kleiner and weighs in at 5.5 grams and measure about 4cm x 1.25 at most