Blue Tipped Pink Tourmaline 3
Blue Tipped Pink Tourmaline 3

Blue Tipped Pink Tourmaline 3

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Pink tourmaline is the candy floss of the tourmaline (its energy is light and fluffy) however that description must not allow you to underestimate its potency. Where green tourm will serve to work on the physical level of the heart, then pink will work on the emotional level of the aura. 

It can be thought of as a gem that helps with holism, or wholeness, as it helping to heal energetic emotional scar tissue and sealing gaps within the auric field area are two of its specialities.  

This pink Tourmaline is blue tipped (and has hints of green around it) - 

Of all the tourmalines, blue tourmaline is perhaps the least common. 

Blue is common associated with both the throat (light blue) and third eye (indigo) chakras, and it is in these areas that blue tourmaline will bring it's magic the most. 

Think of blue tourmaline as a channel enhancer in the sense that it allows the wearer to enhance their own channels of communication, whether in the physical world of listening and talking, or in the non-physical of the clair senses. 

Blue tipped Pink Tourmaline 


WEIGHT : 10 Carats

 SIZE : 24 MM X 10 MM X 10 MM