Aquamarine 3
Aquamarine 3
Aquamarine 3

Aquamarine 3

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Aquamarine is a wondrous stone. It's colour and energy oozes calm and relaxation, and so it is especially good for general emotional release and for working through emotions after particularly stressful or traumatic situations. 

It's also highly resonant with the throat chakra. Aquamarine will tend to bring what's needed to the communication party, however it doesn't always make for a comforting party guest, as it can be a deep healer.  

So, it's very useful for those with difficulty listening to others or even themselves (though less used for this as those people don't generally tend to be have that awareness!!!). Also it is very good for facilitating authentic spoken communication - again that may turn to be uncomfortable if things remain unsaid.

And this working with how to communicate deeper (wisdom-style) truths from within the core of their being for maybe channelling, writing, or teaching then it's simply excellent.

This particular piece of aquamarine is self-standing and a transparent blue colour. 

It measures approx 2,50 cm x 2,50 x 2cm 

and weighs approx 23 grams