The Wand Chooses the Wizard

The Wand Chooses the Wizard, Mr Potter, Though We Don't Always Know Why That Is...Ollivander, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, J.K. Rowling

It is probably clear to most of us who have loved and lived with crystals for a fair time that JKR could easily have been talking about crystals when she wrote this memorable little snippet in HP1. Unlike wands, and more like people, crystals tend to come along for a reason, a season or a lifetime, and it's not always immediately clear why...

How crystals choose people (or sometimes vice versa) to go home with, is always a fascinating process for those of us in the "crystal re-housing business". For there is always a form of subtle communication between the crystal and the prospective owner, whether the owner is aware of it or not!! 

Whether that's a visual thing (crystal looks good), a feeling thing (crystal feels in some way - perhaps temperature, tingling etc), a knowing (that one is just mine!) or even an auditory thing (we have come across many crystal whisperees) there is something going on in terms of the vibrational attraction between the crystal and the human being. Let the crystal "be with you" and see if it feels right is always our golden nugget of advice...

That's all well and good, though often people then come up with the classic."Well, it said on this website (or in this book) that this crystal is for xxxx, and I am looking for yyyy."  Books and websites are of course a great and well-meaning resource, however the information on them is always the product of someone else's experiences, and that can never ever invalidate your own experience of a crystal. So, trust your own experience and if it's contrary to that of the book, it doesn't invalidate the rest of the book, it's just means it's a special experience for you with that crystal, and trust it. 

Just to give you an example, many crystals books say obsidian is a great grounding stones. That's a big "arghh" to the creators of this website...partly from our experience, and partly from the history of it. Obsidian has been used for invoking energy across dimensions (Mexican "folklore") and for scrying (John Dee in history, and the palantirs of Lord of the Rings in fiction.) Fabulous crystal, though definitely not grounding for MagiCrystals!! 

Many people have their own very special experience of how certain crystals come to them. About 10 years ago, I remember selling a particularly fabulously piece of smoky quartz to a less than endearing friend of an ex-partner. When I bemoaned the lack of that special smoky and the fact that I sold it at a discount to a friend, who also happened to be the crystal dealer who had sold it me, he promptly said that I would never be able to replace that crystal.

Saddened at the loss of a special one, we distracted ourselves by looking for something else in his mountain-like arrangement of boxes of crystals, and within 5 minutes a crystal literally fell out of a high box, and onto his leg. "I didn't know this was must be for you" my friend said. Lo and behold it was the clear quartz cousin of the smoky I had just sold. 

That particular piece has now been with me to various European countries and to South Africa and Mexico, where its held the energy on various workshops, and courses. It's been to a whole bunch of sacred sites, tripped along ley lines and during all of those adventures it has evolved massively. Where it used to have one discernible rainbow in it, it now has plenty. The rainbow phantom inside it has developed fabulously. In short, it probably mirrors my own journey...and it is a lifetime crystals.

That wand certainly chose it's wizard well, So well in fact, I'll be burying in a special place shortly before my departure date from this planet and coming back for it in the next life....

If you have any 'crystal choosing you' stories that you'd like to share then feel free to post them in the comments, and if not just keep on being open to letting the right crystals find you at the right time. 

And btw, we have also just put a few special Lemurian clear quartz "wands" on the MagiWands section of our site here 

Love & Crystal Blessings