5 Crystals for Summer Sparkle

5 crystals for summer sparkleIf you’re living in the UK, then your eyes will probably light up when you see the title of this article. What has happened to summer?? It’s apparently a bit random in many other parts of the world too. A lady who came round to buy crystals earlier today said she in LA for the last couple of weeks of May and the weather there was unseasonably miserable too.

I have always thought weather was a question of wearing the right clothes, or least that’s how it is in the UK. Prepare for all seasons. The reality is though, when there’s less light in the day, less sun shining, and more dark clouds overhead, then our mood does get affected.

So, what to do? Are you going to let external circumstances dampen and darken your inner world, or are you going to take charge, and let your inner world of shimmering sparkles create your everyday reality? Hopefully the second choice??

Many of us have our particular personal favourite crystals. Ones that came to us in special circumstances, or ones that seem to be special in certain circumstances. What about types of crystals that are easily accesible to all of us though, and in particular what are the crystals that bring back that summer zing, or just the zing (if you’re reading this in the southern hemisphere)

All crystals bring light and awareness of course, but here’s a list of 5 Magic crystals that can help you to re-create that summer sparkle within you now…

  1. Citrine – is an essential for any time of year. It often gets isolated as the stone for money or abundance, however that’s only part of its purpose. It is primarily about self-esteem (having good self-esteem is important for manifesting abundance) and its yellow/light golden colour both mirrors and energises our own solar plexus chakra, which is pivotal for our feel good factor.What’s more citrine is a cleanser (think of the origins of the name – citrus, which also cleanses) and so is useful for clearing away dismal weather blues. Try and use natural or lighter colour citrine, rather than the heat treated amethyst.   


  1. Rutilated quartz– everyone should have a piece of rutilated quartz about their person or close at hand. Why? The clear quartz brings clarity and amplifies the energy of the rutile within. The rutile is a connector with the positive, powerful energy of the Universe and so rutilated quartz is a great programming crystal as it assists in amplifying the energy of positive intentions and affirmations. In this way it’s a really useful ally for manifesting and connecting positive vibes all around. It also has a really nice comforting feel good factor to it (like all crystals?) and so is good to have around. 


  1. Moldavite– I have always thought of moldavite as the marmite of crystals. Technically it’s a tektite of course, as it’s other worldly, and perhaps that’s why it seems to be a bit love-hate or people. At its simplest level it clears, cleanses and balance all the chakras, and so it can be a real enlivener for your emotional and energetic field.


  1. Rhodonite- presents the pink energy of love within a black or grey surrounding. 

 The essence of what Rhodonite does is to facilitate the user to find and develop hidden talents within the depths of the self (the pink self-acceptance within the grey shadow). It also works on a physical level to promote the flow of energy and thus vitalizes the endocrine system.  Perfect for lack of summer blues.



  1. Shungite– is perfect for dealing with the electro magnetic frequencies that seem to be increasingly ever-present. Keep a bit in your pocket, have a bit for your phone, and keep a piece by every bit of tech in your house is our top tip. Why does that apply for summer – simply because the smog that the EMF creates will dampen your mood at every time of year.


Hopefully that’s going to provide you with some helpful info to bring back your inner sparkle for summer, and maintain it too!! You'll find many of the crystals mentioned above on our website, or you can email for what you cannot find. 

In case you don’t know already, you can find both us and all of the crystals above at Stand 511 at the Bloom Show at Olympia in London 5-7thJuly 2019.

Love & Gratitude